American Junior Classics Film Library has Rare films of Jim Walker and American Junior Aircraft Company

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Rare films of Jim Walker and the American Junior Aircraft Company. See the Fireball in action as Jim Walker performs his Sabre Dance using only a two-speed ignition control. Another Jim Walker novelty proves that R/C is not just for model airplanes, as we look at his early radio control lawnmower. In our exclusive A-J Factory tour, we see balsa model airplanes in the construction phase. A rare film indeed from a 1961 live television broadcast.

Click on any video below to see the Short Take sample movies. The complete full screen version of the Sabre Dance, Radio Control Lawnmower and American Junior Aircraft Company factory tour are shown in the A-J Classics Archive DVD.

Jim Walker performs the Sabre Dance with the Fireball

Jim's Radio Controlled Lawnmower in 1948

American Junior Factory Tour 1961 "Success Story"

Noel Martin flies the Hornet 2x
March 9, 2005 in McMinnville

Military Launcher 2004 is tested
by builder Frank Macy

Chuck Hein is introduces the
A-J Boats on "Success Story"


Jim Walker starting the Miss Thriftway, an A-J boat

Sky Wolves model club goes
U-Control in 1942



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