Gil Coughlin remembers Jim Walker
and American Junior Aircraft

In 1997 Frank Macy and I traveled to visit with Gil Coughlin at his home in Kent, Washington. I took along my professional video equipment and videotaped the questions and answers between Gil and Frank. I have now taken the tapes out of the archives and edited this onto a 38 minute DVD. Also included on this DVD is Gil Coughlin at Jim Walker's 101st Birthday Celebration in 2006.


Jim Walker and Gil Coughlin in 1954. Gil had just won a flying competition sponsored by American Junior Aircraft. His prize was an around the world trip. Gil was very proud of this moment.

Here Gil Coughlin holds one of his first American Junior planes, the A-J Bomber.
Gil Coughlin talks about meeting Jim Walker in 1954 and a personal A-J factory tour.
Inside Gil Coughiln's house we see some of his American Junior Collection from 1997.
Gil brings out some of his rare Elf Engines and describes what make them so special.

Gill Coughlin at Jim Walkers 101st Birthday
Gill Coughlin outside his home in Kent, WA. He shares memories of meeting Jim Walker and getting a personal tour of the American Junior Aircraft Company in 1954.
Gill shows up on camera again in 2006 at the Jim Walker 101st Birthday Celebration. He is standing in front of the Lunar Module exhibit that he helped build while at Boeing.




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