Christmas Interceptors from American Junior

Christmas Folding Wing Interceptor card from Frank Macy and Scott Griffith
A Christmas Interceptor takes flight into space in the tradition of special edition planes from Jim Walker.
Original 1948 Christmas Interceptor from Jim Walker
If you were one of the privilaged few who worked for Jim Walker or was his friend, then you might have received one of his special Christmas planes. Here we see an original 1948 folding wing Interceptor in Christmas colors of green and red. These were very limited production runs for the man who owned the company. The box is a replica of an original 404 Interceptor box from that era.
1984 Christmas Interceptor by Frank Macy
Here is Frank Macy's Christmas Interceptor from 1984. Frank thought it was an original idea, but as we have seen, Jim Walker was thinking on the same lines since at least the 1940's.
2003 Christmas Interceptor by Frank Macy
The latest effort at a Christmas Interceptor was in 2003, again by Frank Macy and American Junior Classics. This sports the new plastic folding wing mechanism.
2003 Christmas Interceptor with wings folded back
Christmas at American Junior, late 1950's
The American Junior elves are packing up very special gifts for Christmas delivery. This photo was taken at the American Junior Aircraft factory in the late 1950's.
American Junior Aircraft Company employee group photo, late 1950's
The employees from American Junior Aircraft wish you a happy holiday season in this late 1950's company Christmas photo. Bill Walker and Dora Walker are in front row behind the baloon.

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