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American Junior Folding Wing Glider Gallery

Here are some samples of balsa folding wing planes that were in the conceptual stage and
some have seen limited production. All models use the new 2002 plastic wing mechanism.

Interceptor II cover art
Cover art for the 2006 "404" Interceptor II. I copied the style from the original 1947 model box to create this period look with the new model.
Folding Wing Spruce Goose prototype balsa model plane - ready to fly
Artwork we produced for the "Spruce Goose" model that was designed and built for the Evergreen Aviation Museum in 2005. Only about 60 were made before discontinuing this model.

Folding Wing Bat
Folding wing model plane - Bluebird
Folding wing model plane - Yellowbird
The Bat (clear rudder)
Yellowbird (clear rudder)
Folding Wing Sea Gull
Folding Wing Jet Folding Wing 744 Old Timer
Sea Gull (MITI Flyers)
Old Timer (744 Profile)
Filding Wing Spruce Goose Folding wing Thunderbolt
Japanese Zero folding wing model plane
Spruce Goose (early prototype)
P47-D Thunderbolt
Japanese Zero
Folding Wing Pterodactyl Glider Folding Wing Firehawk Glider Folding Wing Spitfire glider
Pterodactyl (MITI Flyers)
Firehawk (incomplete)
Spitfire (MITI Flyers)

Seahawks concept of folding wing balsa model plane
Frank Macy and I developed this concept version of the Seahawk in 2006. We were hoping to make this an official NFL collectors item. We only made about 25 prototypes of this model.
The plastic wing mechanism was developed by Noel Martin who helped Frank Macy in many ways while working in the shop space provided by Noel in McMinnville, OR.

Plain Jane folding wing model plane fuselage styles
Here are the 3 versions of the "Plain Jane" Frank Macy and I produced. Unpainted to reduce production costs. On the left is the "744" profile version, center one is based on "404" model.

Here is Lacey, who worked for
Noel Martin in his Model Aviation Museum,
posing with a Frank Macy Jet and Mustang. The
models were under development in 2007.

Chris Erler and his Sewickley Academy's sixth grade Earth Science class folding prop helicopter
Chris Erler and his Sewickley Academy's sixth grade Earth Science class folding wing rocket plane
Chris Erler and his Sewickley Academy's sixth grade Earth Science class came up with some unique new ways to use the new folding wing mechanism. The rocket engines are 2 litre plastic pop bottles that are partially filled with water and then pressurized with air. When fired, the air pressure forces the water out at high velocity producing the thrust for the rocket. Here we see Logan, one of the students, holding one of their new designs. Photos are from July 2006.

We hope this gives you an idea how much fun it can be to come up with your
own versions of the folding wing glider.

Folding wing instructions
Instruction we sent out with the Plain Jane. With quick set-up, model was ready to fly in seconds.

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