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American Junior Classics is...

... a creation of Frank Macy. Scott Griffith is a long time friend and partner in this venture. Scott brings technical expertise and enthusiasm for model aviation to the business. Frank brings his artistry, knowledge and passionate fondness for A-J history and memories of Jim Walker to complete the team devoted to the preservation of this rich American Junior history.

Frank Macy is a kid who never grew up. He still enjoys flying the American Junior planes as he did in his youth. He grew up in the Portland, Oregon area where Jim Walker lived and worked. Frank often saw Jim Walker at local fields showing off his latest invention or skill. These memories have been the motivating force behind his drive to preserve the Jim Walker and American Junior history.

Going into Frank's house is like going into a museum - a museum dedicated to American Junior memories. He hopes to share his knowledge through development of this web site.

Frank has produced many of the classic A-J planes over the years and many of them are now collectables. His skills as an artist are put to use in the products we are selling on this site. Artwork for the shirts, mugs and many posters are creations from the mind of Frank Macy.

Frank Macy holding his artistic representation of a boy launching the folding wing Interceptor
Frank Macy in 2004 with his painting of the "Army" Interceptor boy. Frank passed away in May 2009.
Scott Griffith with his radio control Jr. Falcon in the late 1960's

Scott Griffith was born in 1953 in Portland, Oregon. He got into model building in the early 1960's. The American Junior "74" Glider, 404 Interceptor and Hornet were available just around the corner from his family's grocery store in Sellwood. He moved on to 1/2 A U-Control and into early R/C planes. Here he is with his first radio controled plane, the Junior Falcon. The radio was a Pixie Set with one button that gave three settings: full left, full right, and straight ahead. This was challenging and fun to learn.

Scott went on to specialize in photography and film making from High School on. He has made a living as a video producer for the last 20 years. His new skills include building web sites like this one, producing video DVD's, and converting video and stills for delivery over the internet.

Here I am with my first Carl Goldberg Jr. Falcon. I believe it had a Cox Medallion .049 engine.

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