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Bill Speck
Mesa, Arizona

Bill Speck remembers American Junior model planes

Bill Speck Grew Up Flying
American Junior Model Planes

The Jim Walker Ceiling WalkerAmerican Junior products have been a significant influence in my life. As a youngster the "74" glider was flown again and again, modified, rebuilt, flown some more. I had a twin mustang (F-82) version and even a P-38 Lightning. They all flew, some better than others - but they all flew.

The "big event" in those days was when I could save up 50 cents (two weeks allowance) and purchase an A-J Hornet. Now THAT was a first class flying machine. I'll bet I must have owned at least 30 or 40 Hornets in my younger days. Why so many? Because it was a terrific flyer and could easily be lost out of sight in a good thermal. What a thrill to see your plane fly so high and so far that you could no longer see it: mixed emotions......pride and loss......The A-J Hornet firmly secured my interest on all things of the aeronautical nature. I flew them as a kid; I flew them as a college man; I flew them as an adult aero-engineer; I still fly them as a retiree, but that's life - the good things stick with you........

Another well-remembered A-J flyer was the Ceiling Walker. When I could afford one, it was GREAT. I remember being on vacation with my parents at Yellowstone National Park. Old Faithful was OK, but I was all caught up in a Ceiling Walker. My father was not pleased! He did however, help me retrieve it from a friendly tree.

404 InterceptorA few years later, when I was old enough to mow lawns, I discovered the A. J. Interceptor. What a flyer! With those really slick folding wings it could reach new and un-explored altitudes (or so it seemed)— I still have friends that I made because of the Interceptor. It was a great attention-getter. That wing-fold concept was and still is absolutely brilliant and nearly fool-proof. I still have a couple Interceptors in my "memory box" along with some other goodies like some original Firebaby parts.

I learned to fly U-control with a Firebaby. One of the greatest U/C planes designed! I'll bet there were more model flyers started via the Firebaby than ANY other plane, it was one of the BEST EVER!! American Junior has been a significant part of my aeronautical life. I spent over 40 years in the industry and recently retired, I owe some part of it to A. J. —THANKS!!

Bill Speck
September 9, 2006

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