Remembering Frank Macy and honoring his efforts to
preserve the American Junior history cretated by Jim Walker

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Here is part of my personal photo album of Frank Macy. He cared more for Jim Walker
and American Junior Aircraft than anyone I know. This is a personal tribute to Frank Macy, Jim Walker and my father Bill Griffith who got me into modeling.

Frank Macy in his shop for American Junior in 2007
Frank Macy in his shop in McMinnville in 2007. This one of his happiest places to be during the day, one heck of a model room.
Frank Macy producing a Folding Win 404 Interceptor II in 2007
Frank Macy in his shop making American Junior Model planes
Frank Macy scrutinizing a new 404 Interceptor II in 2007
Making 404 Interceptors one at a time in his McMinnville shop.

Frank Macy's funeral in 2009, the end of an American Junior legacy
Family members at Frank Macy's funeral in 2009. Jim Walker's daughters Valerie and Marilyn were there but not in this picture.

Frank Macy, American Junior funeral display
American Junior display at Frank's funeral service in 2009. A tribute to his faith in Jim Walker and American Junior.

Rick macy launching a 404 folding wing interceptor Rick macy launching a 404 folding wing interceptor Rick macy launching a 404 folding wing interceptor at Frank Macy's Funeral
Rick Macy ready to launch...'
A folding wing glider...
His father Frank made...It flew and many others did also!

Frank Macy's American Junior Shop
A look at Frank's shop in 2009. Lots of American Junior History on these shelves.

Sue Holm and Nathan Holm, friends of Frank Macy and American Junior
American Junior silk screening for the 74 Fighter from Jim Walker
Sue "Holm" Stultz and son Nathan, worked for Frank early on.
Frank did detailed silk screening for all his reproductions.

Frank Macy's balsa shelf and Fireball Twin, his special design Frank Macy makes an American Junior Pursuit, one of Jim Walker's models, in 2007
One of Frank's shelves with balsa and the Fireball Twin.
Frank Macy working on an A-J Pursuit in 2007.

American Junior historic balsa model airplane models of Frank Macy
Frank Macy's American Junior balsa model collectiom in 2009
Old American Junior Models of Franks in 2007.
Other A-J models on the shelf at the time of Frank's death.
Sarah Lander helping Frank Macy build 404 Interceptor II's
U-Reely's gathering dust after Frank passed away.
Sarah Lander is helping Frank assemble new 404 Interceptor II's.
One of the very last photos of Frank Macy, taken two days before his passing. To the left of Frank is his Brother, Fred. On his right are his sister, Arlene and brother Joseph.
it is nice to know that Frank was not alone in his final days, he was with his family.

I hope you appreciate this short look at the images I have of Frank Macy. He was a close friend and he made me a partner in his business, which made me very proud. He tries so very hard to create a lasting legacy for Jim Walker and the American Junior Aircraft Company, but fate just stomped on all his efforts. I tried to help Frank as best I can, and along with my daughter, Sarah Lander, we provided support over the years. Frank deserved much better than what he got out of life. The world needs dreamers. Jim Walker and Frank Macy were dreamers and we should remember them for the special individuals they were.

I miss Frank Macy and my daugher Sarah Lander misses him as if he were family, which he was. Frank brought me close to Jim Walker, who I never met but who I now feel so close to. My father, Bill Griffith, knew Jim Walker and I am proud to be part of this legacy of model aviation history of the North West.

Thank You to both Frank Macy and Jim Walker, you are both a part of history and part of my life.

Scott Griffith


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