American Junior Classics Fireball Restoration

Frank Macy's Fireball Restorations

Frank Macy is at it again and this time he is deep into restoring original Fireballs to their original glory. With the unique knowledge and extensive experience, he is probably the pre-eminant resident expert on Fireball history and construction. Growing up as a curious youngster in the same city as Jim Walker, he continues his passion for preserving the memory of Jim Walker and the wonderful innovations and inventions he left for us.

Frank Macy in the process of Fireball restoration

Here is a table full of Fireballs in the process of restoration. Frank Macy is seen here working on an ignition engine and an original Fireball. A note of interest is the Fireball in the background, off to the left. This is one of Frank's special projects. He calls this his Electric Fireball and it will have an electric motor. On the table are several replacement parts for the Fireballs in waiting.


Frank Macy doing Fireball restoration Fireball with original Jim Walker belcrank

Frank Macy is doing some precision sanding while the "Interceptor Boy" in the background has fun with his Folding Wing Interceptor.

This is an original and historic Jim Walker U-Control Belcrank.

Jim Walker original Fireball in middle of restoration
Motor mounts for the Jim Walker Fireball

Each Fireball fuselage is custom fit for the intended engine.

A variety of hardwood motor mounts Frank has on hand.

Frank Macy working on Fireball

Jim Walker U-Control system is being fitted in this Fireball.

Detail of an original Fireball in repair Another view of this Fireball in the process of repair

The original damaged nose is held above the replacement piece. When painted, the repaired section will blend flawlessly with the original fuselage.

Several Jim Walker Fireballs in the repair shop

One final view of the project table, as of October 2006.

I could say that this is a dirty job, but somebody has to do it - but the truth is, there is no better feeling than seeing a Fireball come back to life and being part of that process. (Frank Macy passed away in 2009.)
–Scott Griffith

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