American Junior Classics presents A-J Aircraft Factory tour from 1961

American Junior Factory Tour 1961

Live Television Broadcast of Success Story from the A-J Factory in Portland, Oregon

American Junior Aircraft Factory Tour 1961

Chuck Hein in Success Story broadcast from American Junior AircraftThe late Jim Walker was one of the most famous pioneers in model aviation history. He was a Portland native and his company American Junior Aircraft introduced the joy of flight to millions of children all across America, and eventually the world. American Junior airplanes were "'Ready To Fly." The slogan, "Out of the box and into the Air" proved very popular with the young fans . They didn't have to build it, just quickly assemble it and FLY it.

This is the "Success Story" broadcast from 1961. The broadcast is a live show from the American Junior Aircraft Company in Portland, Oregon. This is a short sample, the original half hour broadcast is available on DVD in the
A-J Store.

Play the video below to see a sample of the factory tour


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