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American Junior Hornet 2X with Radio Control

Jim Walker Hornet compared to Hornet 2x by Noel Martin

Model designed & built by Frank Macy & Noel Martin

The American Junior Hornet 2X is a double size version of the original rubber powered A-J Hornet. The motor mount was CNC machined out of solid hardwood - with the required amount of down and side thrust built in. The Hornet 2X is capable of taking off from the runway or being hand launched. The flight characteristics are very similar to Jim Walker's original Hornet, being smooth and graceful. Flight time is about 15 minutes.

Hornet 2X close up of electric engine

The radio control system includes a single conversion receiver, a 10 Amp speed controller, two micro servos, and a two-cell lithium polymer battery. Elevator and rudder control is provided by two micro servos connected via a pull-pull cable system. The battery and speed controller are mounted with Velcro to allow for fine adjustment of the center of gravity. The aircraft weighs about 11 ounces.

Hornet 2X two wire controls Hornet 2X control surfaces

Construction is similar to the original, with the wing held in a slot in the fuselage and the elevator mounted with a rubber band. The rudder is full flying and controls turns very capably. The elevator is small, about the same scale as on the Firebaby.

Front end detail of Hornet 2X

The wing is one piece of balsa sheet, with false ribs, and steamed for camber and dihedral just like the original American Junior Hornet.

Since the ribs prevent installing the wing in from the side, the wing is slid in through the nose of the aircraft before securing the motor mount.

The motor mount is machined to resemble the plastic propeller mount and fits over the end of the fuselage.


Hornet 2X ready to fly with radio control.

A beautiful tribute to Jim Walker's classic Hornet, whose roots go back to American Junior of the 1930's.

Watch Noel fly the Hornet 2X

R/C information provided to American Junior Classics by Noel Martin 2/24/05.

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