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Frank Macy - American Junior Historian

Frank Macy and American Junior

Frank Macy, who devoted his life to preserving the dream of
Jim Walker, Passed away on May 29, 2009. Part of his vision
is explained in the video clip below.

Frank: "I guess I became a Jim Walker/American Junior historian when, as a child, I first saw Jim demonstrating models in the parks of Portland. My father died when I was five, and Jim filled that void in my life. He was a hero to me. And he was real, not like the Lone Ranger and Red Ryder that the others boys like. Jim would talk to me, laugh with me, teach me, put me to work, and give me a swat when I walked on the off-limit flight lines."


Scuplture of Jim Walker

Watch a video clip of Frank Macy and his brother Joe working
together on the Jim Walker sculpture in 1996.

Early in the year 1996 Frank Macy started an ambitious project of sculpting a life size bust of Jim Walker. Using a few photos from his collection and his own memory of Jim, he sought the help of his brother Joe.

At the time Joe was sculpting professionally with most of his finished projects being cast in bronze. Frank Macy's goal was to make a bronze bust of the finished sculpture of Jim. Although the casting was never made, the sculpture got very close to completion before being put on display at the Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville in April of 2006 for Jim's 101st birthday celebration.

This video clip by Scott Griffith shows brothers Frank and Joe working together at Joe's studio in Dundee, Oregon. The sculpture is in the early stages as we see the work progressing. Scott's daughter, Sarah Lander, was a sophomore in High School and was taking pictures of the sculpting process for one of her class projects.


Gil Coughlin and Frank Macy holding a picture of the American Junior Interceptor Boy

It is ironic that Gil Coughlin, pictured here with Frank Macy, also passed away on May 29, 2009. Gil was the winner of a contest sponsored by Jim Walker and he won an around the world trip courtesy of American Junior. Gil went on to be a great collector of American Junior models and memoribilia. You can see a video clip of Gil at the Jim Walker 101st birthday celebration. Just click here.

Jim Walker lost two of his most devoted supporters on the same day. Now the three of them are reunited once again.

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