Jim Walker's Whip-Power Planes are still flying!

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Watch Frank Macy in this rare video, working on a Whip-Power model in his shop in 2005. He then takes one out to a nearby park in McMinnville, Oregon and shows how to fly one. Seen here with a dear friend, Sarah Lander.

Jim Walker's early Whip-Power patent

Jim Walker's first concept for a Whip-Power plane. This version utilized a shifting of the center of gravity to control climb and decent. The patent was applied for on December 26, 1940, at the same time he submitted his control line patent. This version never went into production.

Jim Walker Whip-Power Patent paper 1
Jim Walker Whip-Power Patent Paper 2

The final version of the Whip-Power plane that Jim Walker produced. It utilized the "U-Control" control line design that he devised for the Fireball. This patent was applied for after the Whip-Power plane had already been in production for some time.

Original Americobra design by Jim Walker in 1939, the year he developed the U-Control concept and introduced the Fireball.
During World War II, the plans for the Whip-Power were modified so you could build the Americobra or Mustang from the same kit.


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