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Jim Walker Pursuit from 1932 an American Junior balsa model that was Ready To Fly

Jim Walker's Pursuit, 1932 - 1934


Jim Walker Pursuit from 1937 another American Junior balsa model airplane that was Ready To Fly

1937 - 1948 Pursuit with Jim Walker's patented prop mount


Jim Walker 1948 Pursuit introduced the plastic prop mount

1948 - 1962 Pursuit introduced the plastic prop mounting


Final version of Pursuit from 1959 was produced after Jim Walker's death in 1958

Final version of Pursuit was 1959 - 1964

Unique version of the Pursuit with swept wings - came in larger box that regular Pursuit

Jim Walker's swept wing pursuit reflected the times of jet aircraft and fast flying airplanes

1958 - 1964 Swept Wing Pursuit
(Note use of earlier style metal prop mount)

The airplanes above are from Frank Macy's personal collection.

The radio transmitter and the RC Jim Walker Pursuit are ready to fly

See Noel Martin's RC Pursuit conversion.

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