American Junior Classics Hornet by Jim Walker

The Jim Walker Hornet by American Junior

Stories and history of Jim Walker's A-J Hornet. This balsa model plane follows in the footsteps of it's bigger brother the Pursuit. The Hornet is curently experiencing a resurgance in popularity with electric motors and radio control. This little rubber powered free-flight balsa model airplane helped a lot of us experience successful flight for the first time. The neatest thing is that it came "ready to fly" as it only took moments to assemble, a Jim walker trademark.

Electric Hornet Radio Control story from Model Aviation 2013 Hornet Flight Report from Gary Hinze

Electric Hornet Radio Control story from Model AviationElectric Hornet Goes R/C ( Model Aviation Magazine) Dec. 2004

Hornet rario control by Noel MartinHornet 2X a large scale R/C by Noel Martin


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