The "Plain Jane" Folding Wing Glider
A modern version of Jim Walker's original concept for the Folding Wing Glider. NEW for 2014 is the
reintroduction of the wing "straddle wire" for easy glide adjustment, just like the original. Available for $15.95.

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Plain Jane Folding Wing Glider
The Plain Jane model was designed close to 10 years ago and today in 2014, we have added the original "straddle wire" that Jim Walker used for adjusting the angle of the wing. Adjusting the glide has walways been a problem, but now it is a lot easier.
(Update we have removed the slot in the fuselage.)

You fold the wings back on the "Plain Jane" and launch it high into the sky, at over 100 feet the wings snap open and the "Plain Jane" goes into glide mode. Get ready for that cross country chase as this baby really hangs in the air. Share this with your Grandson or the neighborhood kids. Get away from the computer, the perfect gift for outside activities.

The wings of the "Plain Jane" fold
back for catapult launch.
Approaching the apex after launch the wings transition for flight.
Wings snap into place and the Plain Jane goes into glide mode.


Direct decendent of the famous A-J Folding Wing Interceptor by Jim Walker. The folding wing mechanism has been updated from metal to plastic with exeptional reliability. This design is actually based on a prototype that Jim Walker's company was working on before his death. There is a lot of history behind this design.

It is unmarked, so "U-Color It" yourself with felt tip colors to your own pleasure, or leave it in it's all natural pure balsa glory. It comes Ready-To-Fly, just hook up the wing rubber & it's ready to grab some sky. Launching Instructions Included.

Available for $15.95 plus postage

Postage for orders within the USA range from $5.00 to $7.50, so combining multiple items can save you on postage. All models and parts are shipped First Class or Priority by the US Postal Service.

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