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The American Junior Hornet

Hornet Available Again Soon

Available in two color options for $24.95 plus postage

A-J Hornet with Red and Blue Wing options

American Junior Aircraft's world famous rubber-powered flyer with the steam formed high performance, high lift wing. The wing span is 18" with a fuselage length of 12". The Hornet still out performs the competition and is now available with traditional red wing or our special Hornet with Blue Wing and Red Fuselage.

2005 Hornet from American Junior Classics

The Hornet is a quality model made by hand, still in the Portland, Oregon area where Jim Walker produced the original model. We may not have the high speed production equipment, but we are as faithful as we can be at upholding Jim Walker's high quality standards. Proud to say it is "Made in the USA".

Silver prop of 2005 Hornet from American Junior Classics

The motor is currently shipping with 3/16" FAI Sport rubber.

Hornet Available Soon

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Postage for orders within the USA range from $5.00 to $7.50, so combining multiple items can save you on postage. All models and parts are shipped First Class or Priority by the US Postal Service.

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